Shoot a Machine Gun and So Much More!!

Choose from up to 50 guns on the firing line ready for you to shoot. In addition to our Fully Automatic Machine Guns, you can shoot Western, Gangster, Law Enforcement, Big Guns, Military, and even Sniper and shoot from the comfort of our climate controlled firing line at our outdoor range.

Check Out Our Shooting Packages!

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With more than 50 guns in our arsenal, Shoot Las Vegas has a gun for everyone. Much more than just “machine gun packages” offered by others, our guests can fire Machine Guns, Military, Big Guns, and even Sniper rifles . Whether you want to sample it with our 6-Gun package or go all out with our 30-Gun package, we've got you covered.

the big differenceWhat’s one the biggest difference between shooting at an indoor range and outdoor range, EXPLODING TARGETS!! Whether you are nailing the exploding targets behind the scope of a Sniper rifle, or putting a .308 Sniper round through car door to blow it up, there’s nothing like shooting outdoors.

With our one-of-a-kind Mobile Firing Lines, there is not a gun range or shooting experience anywhere like Shoot Las Vegas. Get the excitement of shooting outdoors as you shoot from the comfort of our climate controlled Mobile Firing Lines. Whether it’s our 53’ behemoth for large groups or our 25’ Mobile Firing Line for as few as two guests, why give up excitement or comfort when you can have both? We can even do night shooting!

our set-up Combine the many benefits of shooting outdoors with the comfort of being indoors with our exclusive mobile firing line.  Our 53’ expanding semi-trailer houses our 6 shooting stations and room for your friends to watch you shoot.  Climate controlled means you can shoot comfortably on the hottest July day or the coldest day in December.

book a vip, corporate, or team building eventWhether it’s a corporate retreat, VIP event, bachelor party or girls day, Shoot Las Vegas will create a customized events for your group.

With over 25 years in the Special Event industry, we know how to turn your day of shooting into an unforgettable event. Contact us for availability.
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Ask about about upgrades like blowing up cars, .50 cal full-auto M2 and more!

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pricesCheck Out Our Shooting Packages!

6 Guns
for $222.00
9 Guns
for $333.00
12 Guns
for $444.00
18 Guns
for $666.00
24 Guns
for $777.00
30 Guns
for $999.00
Hours of Operation 7 Days a week 10:00am to 5:00pm (Later times, including night shoots are available with advanced reservations) Advance Reservations are required to ensure availability