Check out our Reviews Adrienne L - - Wow! My husband and I had an absolute blast! The set up these guys have is really fantastic because you get an outdoor experience with the comforts of indoors. So cool! This makes such a difference cause the weather in Vegas is not always accommodating! I am not a huge gun person, I mostly went to have a new experience & for my husband. In all my life I've only shot a few guns. The day we went out I shot 12 guns! And I always thought I wasn't a very good shot (from my previous experience) but I did all right! I found everyone to be very friendly, helpful and professional. If you are looking for something fun to do and have ANY interest in guns this is definitely for you. Such a good time! Really an opportunity to shoot guns most people won't ever get in their lifetime.

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Kurt H - - That was AWESOME! Shoot Las Vegas offers quite the experience. There was a huge selection of guns and the way they relate them to movies you've seen them in is just awesome. Great service and you can tell the instructors know what they're doing... We're definitely going to be booking with them for a larger event coming up in April - I'm booking for a bunch of Texans and I'm willing to bet they're going to have one hell of a time (and thats saying something)! Thanks again to Eric and the staff, can't wait to go out there again... I wish I could give more than 5 stars!.

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Wendy L - - I had the opportunity to go to Shoot Las Vegas with my parents and fiance for the 24 gun experience, and it was such a rush! My mother and I had never fired a gun before, and we were kind of nervous about handling them. The trained instructors made the experience extremely safe and helped to make us feel confident when handling the different guns. And ohhh my goodness... there were SO MANY GUNS TO CHOOSE FROM! Big guns, small guns, sniper guns, western guns, mafia guns... SO MANY OPTIONS!! I absolutely loved that they related the different guns to what movie or show we may have seen them in. As someone who is not really educated on the types of guns, they didn't make much sense to me, but once they related the to something I knew, it made it so much more exciting! It made it so much more fun to shoot a gun knowing that it was the same one use in the Scarface or another movie. (Who hasn't wanted to scream "Say hello to my little friend!" while firing a machine gun before??) The experience was very professionally run and we didn't have to wait long at all to shoot our different guns. I would DEFINITELY do it again. It was worth the price and will be an experience my family and I remember forever!.

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Chet V - - There are many experiences to choose from when visiting Las Vegas. I wanted to truly create a lifelong memory for my son on his birthday. We decided on Shoot Las Vegas and can say that you need to put this on your "to do" list when in Vegas. The staff is very personable and answered all my questions. Safety was of paramount concern. The handguns and rifles are very unique and how they tied them into the movies that I grew up with made the event really cool. Pricing is very reasonable and well worth every penny! I recommend Shoot Las Vegas to everyone!

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Carla M - - An experience that I was not expecting! I don't know what I had in my head for a "gun range" .. But, this was not it! Can you even call it a gun range??? I was able to fire off 10 different kinds of weapon machinery! It was so exhilarating! Being a women it was good to learn how to handle each weapon by the trained gun handler (marksman) for each station. Thankfully, my "Shotgun" Marksman handler made me fully aware of the kickback I was about to receive..... I might not do the "shotgun" again (ow!) ;-) It was climate controlled and still outside- WAY COOL! The staff Fully prepared me with earplugs and glasses. Impressed with their "safety first" rules. Yeah.. is it great for a bunch of guys.. sure, however, I would bet after my day at the "Range"- I can hit a target better than most of the men I saw that day! Ladies.. you gotta do this! Why should the men have all the fun???

Sylvia O - - Shoot Las Vegas is a first class experience all the way! It was amazing!!! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a premiere shooting experience. They offer more guns to choose from than I even knew existed - and their professional staff on hand walks you through each step to make sure you know what you're doing! They even do private events! Thanks Eric and team for providing such an amazing and unforgettable experience!!! Who knew I was such a fantastic sharp shooter?!?

Alan H - - About as much fun as it gets. Amazing that you get to shoot such a variety of guns and rifles. I loved the ones with the scopes. Was also fun that they show you how each weapon was used in a movie. Instructors were amazing. This is also in a first classed enclosed environment but still shooting outside. Could not be better.

Nathan S - - This event is as good as it gets. It's the reason you come to Vegas. When you watch movies and tv shows that take place in Las Vegas, they shape your mind about what Vegas is all about. The fun, the excitement, the stories you'll be telling your coworkers when you go back home. Shoot Las Vegas IS that Vegas experience you crave when you visit. It's only a matter of time before the next Hollywood blockbuster that takes place in Las Vegas shoots at least one of their scenes at a Shoot Las Vegas event. When I first heard about Shoot Las Vegas, I wanted to sign up immediately for their next event. Unfortunately, when it first started it was geared only towards corporate events. I would check in with them once and a while to see if they had some kind of an open event for individuals. When I was finally told they would start hosting open events, I couldn't wait to get to the range. When you first pull up to the range, you know immediately that you're not here to just shoot a couple guns and go back to gambling, you're here for an experience. I had seen pictures of their mobile firing range, but until you see it in person, you can't understand just how awesome this thing is. You can tell how much imagination and creativity the owner, Eric, put into designing and constructing it, including the back wall being all plexiglass so you can see everything that's going on even when you're outside. I know little about guns and had only shot a few time before coming here, so feeling the difference between the guns when shooting was very surprising to me. The two guns I tried in Western felt like BB guns. The Tommy Gun in the Gangster section was shockingly accurate and the one I had my best hit percentage with, outside of the guns with scopes. My favorite was the Browning 1919 in Military, now that's a fun gun to shoot! One tip I can give for those with little to no shooting experience is try to shoot Big Guns last because they are powerful and might make your hand or shoulder a little sore. Overall Shoot Las Vegas was an awesome experience and four months later I'm still talking about it all the time with my coworkers. Not once did I feel unsafe being around all those guns and it's even made me want to get one of my own. I can't wait for my dad to come visit, so I can take him.

Dave J - - Shoot Las Vegas is an amazing experience. Everything there is professional, well secured (each shooting station is manned by a trained Range Safety Officer) and very educational. I can see where this would be great for a bachelor party or a team building exercise. In the description it states that Eric has 25 years in the event planning industry and it shows. The operation is safe and the details add to a very enjoyable afternoon. At each station (Western, Big Guns, Military, Law Enforcement, Gangster and Sniper) you get your photo taken shooting the guns there and you get to keep the photos as a great souvenir. Each type of gun is also shown as to which movies it was used in. This is an event that I will never forget and I am glad that I did it. I highly recommend this to anybody who has an interest in guns or the movies that they are used in.

Seth Y - - Went with a bunch of friends, and we really had a blast. I tried all sort of crazy guns, but it was the most fun to shoot the old western-style revolvers. And all of the guns on the "menu" are connected with movies that they are known from. My arm is still in shock from that 50-cal Schwarzenegger gun!

Lisa S - - I went to a Shoot Las Vegas event this past weekend, it was a surprise birthday gift from my fiancé. I had the most amazing experience. The entire team is so friendly and inviting. I really don't have much experience shooting and felt comfortable and educated from each instructor. I'd recommend this to anyone who thinks they have done it all and is looking for a great new experience. I'm a general manager and have been in retail over 25 years, I give shoot Las vegas 5 thumbs up !!

Jill J - - I'm very nervous around guns so I was a bit apprehensive about this team building experience. The staff was so helpful and professional that I felt very safe and was able to let my guard down and ended up having as much fun as my team! They still talk about what a great experience it was. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Glenn S - - If you're looking for a fun, safe adventure, Shoot Las Vegas is a sure thing. I had not shot a weapon in decades, so I was a little apprehensive at first. However, each firing position had a Safety Officer who will ask you about your experience with shooting. From there, they explained each weapon, what to expect, and it's proper operation. I was extremely comfortable from the beginning. By the end of the day, I was not only comfortable firing each weapon, I wanted to go again! Since I was interested in purchasing a gun for home defense anyway, this gave me the opportunity to test out several handguns I was considering. In the end, the chance to try out different models helped me find what I was looking for. Highly recommend this company for its wide variety of weapons to shoot (many you would not have the chance to try elsewhere), great layout to shoot, and because of the professionalism of the staff.

Laura L - - I LOVE Shoot Las Vegas. I've been lucky enough to do it twice now and both times were amazing. I've shot guns from all of the available selections; Western, Military, Big Guns, Full Auto, Western and Sniper. Sniper is the best because you get to shoot at exploding targets and who doesn't like to blow S*%T Up!!! As someone who was EXREMELY intimidated by guns, I was at first hesitant to try even the smallest of the gun choices. The staff guided me through my selections from small guns with hardly any kick to the bigger Kick A$$ guns that were more fun than I anticipated. I strongly suggest to anyone who shoots with Shoot Las Vegas, do yourself a favor and make sure you shoot at least 2 guns at each station... Once you start, you don't want to put them down. The fact that each station takes your picture while you're shooting for instant downloads to your e-mail and social media is an added bonus too. I can't wait to do it again!

Julie T - - My boyfriend and I visited Shoot Las Vegas a few weeks ago and had the most amazing experience! I've been to a few shooting ranges in Las Vegas and none of them compare to Shoot Las Vegas. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable; the other establishments I have visited have grumpy and unenthusiastic instructors. There are several different stations with a variety of guns to choose from; it's so hard to decide! There is information posted re: each firearm and movie references as well. It's a wonderful and entertaining experience. This would be a totally unique experience for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, etc. You should go now! :)

Josh J - - Hands Down the best shooting experience I have ever participated in! As an event professional I am always looking for new experiences for clients and Shoot Las Vegas has "shot" right to the top! The experience was unlike any other I have done in the past...the team at Shoot Las Vegas was professional and interactive and it didnt feel intimidating at all. It was also very fun as a spectator; tying in the various guns with popular movies, learning about the guns and being able to watch guests shoot the sniper rifles all rounded out a great experience. Most shooting excursions take place indoors but having this outdoors was the icing on the cake! Exploding targets and being outdoors made it feel much more authentic. I cannot wait for my next time out!! Thank you to the team at Shoot LV for a great day!

Brent G - - Eric and David have put together a truly one-of-a-kind outing. Blending the VIP experience with professional level instruction in firearms, I had a terrific time. Helpful and courteous staff, exemplary inventory and more than accommodating surroundings. These guys are the future of gun tours!

Kori Z - - Wow this was an amazing experience for our family! I never thought I would do this or enjoy shooting. My teen boys and husband wanted to try it, so we did. Great family time . We were allowed to choose from so many different types of guns and each gun I learned the history on and what they are typically used for . My favorite was the James Bond gun. My boys are still talking about the sniper gun and shooting the explosive targets. My daughter's favorite was the semi automatic . Also the big Gold gun is still being talked about in our house The instructor was highly knowledgeable and cautious he put my worries at ease while he took each one of us and gave instructions on how to safely shoot. He first would have us get a feel for it then he would load , on the more powerful guns , he was close , hands on so that on the first shot I would get the feel on how much power I was working with . We took a tour of the large shooting trailer. That was mind blowing . I would love to get a large group and go in on taking that amazing thing out for a day. Very professional staff and way too much fun !! Thanks for that amazing thrilling experience Great memories we made that day

Shannon G - - Had my first experience shooting a gun with Shoot Las Vegas! Wait a great time! The instructors were patient, knowledgable and helpful. Shooting guns from different movies was also a fun component! Would definitely go back with a group for a unique experience!

RJ - - Guns? Me? Yes! After visiting Shoot Las Vegas, I was "blown" away (couldn't resist)! From the moment I arrived, the greeter, the facility, and the professional safety officers were amazing! Went first time with a group of friends (aka peer pressure), we had a blast. The way the guns are sorted by movies is brilliant. Who doesn't want to shoot a gun just like "Dirty Harry"? Or if you are a girl, a pink gun? Every gun I never knew I secretly wanted to shoot was there! Now that I am secure in my marksmanship (lol) I have taken groups, VIP'S, and friends to just have fun and enjoy a completely new experience! If looking for an exciting day in the desert... this is a must!

Brittany B - - The experience that one gets from Shoot Las Vegas is absolutely out of this world. There is nothing like this shooting experience. After doing this, I can say I've shot every gun that matters. The team has great customer service. You won't be disappointed. Shoot Las Vegas is one-of-a-kind!!!

Sean Z - - WOW! What an experience! Very knowledgable, professional & safety conscious staff. It was fun for the whole family. An absolute must!!!

Mark D - - This is a fun alternative to the typical indoor firing range experience. They had a wide variety of guns to choose from, ranging from common to rare, think Gatling gun! They were all examples of guns that had used in movies and had descritions of each. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and I felt safe at all times. It was a great experience I would recommend to anyone looking to have fun shooting out into the desert from a climate controlled room!

Steve A - - I went with a group of friends this summer. I had never shot a gun in my life and had no idea what to expect. First, there we re so many guns to choose from. A fantastic selection. As for me, not knowing one from another I looked at their signs that showed the guns used in some of my favorite movies. That did make it easier to relate to. It was fun to hold the kind of gun John Wayne used or even Dirty Harry. So I selected the gun I wanted to shoot and instructors took the time to explain each gun to me in a way that I could understand what I was getting into. That made me feel very comfortable being my first time. I was not rushed at all. With the instructor there watching over me I felt at ease moving forward, shot my first rifle and Yay! I hit my target. I moved on to try another gun and spoke with another instructor who was also very well informed on the gun of my choice. By the time I left I had a new understanding of guns. Not as nervous as when I got there. Having never done this kind of thing I can only speak as a "Newbie' but if you are new to guns too then I would highly recommend this experience.

Kevin L - - What an experience. When my friends booked this I was hesitant, I thought is was just a gun range where I's get to shoot a gun or two. Boy was I wrong. It was amazing service from beginning to end. I learned about modern and historic guns and got to shoot them all. The staff made it so much for all of us. Totally relaxed in a comfortable setting. I will do this again!!

Annie K - - Awesome, once in a life time experience. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You won't be disappointed.

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