team building

Team Building pic

You’ve never experienced a Team Building program like this!!

We’ve created the Ultimate Team Building experience by combining shooting with Team Building to develop the group dynamic in a unique and exciting activity.

Teams work together to select the best member for a particular challenge whether it’s a steady eye in the Sniper Challenge or the strength and stability needed for the Full Auto Challenge. Each of our challenges call on a unique set of skills.

All this from the comfort of our climate controlled mobile firing line.

Here are a few of our Team Building Challenges:

The Duel

Guests compete side-by-side using semiautomatic handguns and shoot at a dueling tree that has hinged paddles. When a paddle is hit, it swings around to the opponents’ side. The opponent then tries to shoot the paddle to flip it back around. Score is determined by amount of paddles flipped to opponents side when guns are empty.

The Sniper Challenge

Guests use a sniper rifle to hit exploding targets almost 80 yards away. They are timed and the number of targets blown up determine the score for that team.

The Full Auto Challenge

Guests shoot full auto machine gun at electronic target. The amount of hits of the electronic target determine score.

The Western Shootout

Guests use western 6 gun to shoot at flip up targets. The amount of targets hit in 6 rounds determines the score.