Shoot Las Vegas

About Range

Best Outdoor Shooting Range Experience in Las Vegas 

The Bullet Points

  • Outdoor shooting at steel targets from 25 to 500 yards
  • Air conditioned / heated firing lines for your comfort
  • We offer 70 guns to choose from, each tied to an iconic movie
  • Customize your shooting package onsite – shoot what YOU want
  • Shoot at your own pace by moving from station to station
  • Free EXPLODING targets!
  • Excellent value with 30 rounds in most full-autos
  • Complimentary transportation to and from the range
  • 2500 feet higher than Las Vegas and is 10 degrees cooler year round
Shoot Las Vegas

The Story

Founded in 2012 by Special Event industry veteran Eric Brashear, Shoot Las Vegas was designed to be significantly different than a typical cookie cutter indoor range. Set in a picturesque box canyon just 40 minutes from the strip, you shoot in a natural desert setting at dozens of steel targets from 25 yards all the way out to 250 yards. You shoot from the comfort of our climate-controlled firing lines because as everyone knows, it gets HOT in Las Vegas, but it also can get very cold. So we air condition the firing line in the summer and heat it in the winter. There is no other outdoor shooting range like it in Nevada or Arizona.

Shoot Las Vegas

Rather than tell you what guns you are going to shoot, you can choose a 3-gun, 6-gun, or 9-gun all the way up to 21 gun package that allows you to choose the guns YOU want to shoot from the 70 guns available. Not sure what to shoot, we tie all the guns in with popular movies and have posters showing the guns in your favorite movie to help you decide. Still can’t decide, we have packages with some of the most popular guns or our Range Safety Officers are always happy to make suggestions. After you have made your selections you move from station to station at your own pace. Start at the Full-Auto station if you’d like, then move to handgun or Sniper. Want to take a break by the firepit, no problem since there is no one rushing you through.

Range Tent

As you shoot, our friendly Range Safety Officers show you how to hold the guns properly and give you an idea what to expect, and they are with you every step of the way making sure you’re safe. Thousands of first time shooters have reported how comfortable and safe they felt. As you are shooting, the RSO will take your picture or a video of you shooting each of your guns. You can then download them for free from our website a day or two later. You and your friends are welcome to take as many pictures and videos as you’d like.

Want to go a little bigger, try some of our optional add-ons like the Barrett .50 cal Sniper rifle, “Ma Deuce” .50 cal full-auto, or “the gun of Rambo” the M60. We also offer a few other optional add-ons such as the M249 SAW and the very unique TrackingPoint Sniper rifle. 

Once you are finished shooting you can relax around the firepit or in the lounge area while you wait for your friends to finish shooting before your ride back to the Las Vegas Strip. 

Range Tent